Chairperson Chatter November 2016

Welcome to the Fleurieu Cancer Network’s 2016 e Newletter

It has been awhile since we have posted a e Newsletter and apologies for the long break in communications but we hope you have been following us via our Facebook page where regular updates are posted.

In 20014 – 2015 we held a few events

These happened due to the commitment and goodwill of our affiliations/partnerships with other agencies and groups. Thanks to all who worked, helped, sponsored and supported these events as we ALL continue to work together to make Onkaparinga a better and heartier place to live.

Bowel Cancer Awareness event 16th June 2014 Colonnades 003a. Bowel Cancer Awareness

Working in partnership with Healthy Cities Onkaparinga, Medicare Local, Bowel Cancer Australia and Prostate Onkaparinga we handed out over 50 show bags which contained important cancer awareness information and some FREE giveaways.

People came to find out the facts, and heard first hand how easy it is to do a bowel cancer screening test and how they can help prevent bowel cancer for themselves and for the ones they love.

Thanks to Maria, Kerry, Dr Rebecca, Dr Erin & Dr Jean, Gwyn, Bev and Malcolm along with the Southern Cancer Club team-Von & Martin, Pedr & Sam

b.  Men and Cancer Lunch with Don Barker

18 people enjoyed time with Don Barker as he recalled his time working on Australian TV and theatre.  He recounted memories of working with Gary McDonald, Michael York & Sigrid Thornton along with other actors of the time and he recalled an embarrassing moment on Prisoner.

c.  Survivorship on Princess Cruises Australia

During a cruise around Australia 2 FCN members were asked to host a survivorship group while on board. With an average of 20 passengers attending with stories of their life limiting illness. Some where supported by family and friends and had either cancer or had strokes.

We thank Stu, David and Princess Cruises for their support on this very important and life changing initiative as they have promised to set up a regular survivorship get together on ships around Australia.

What we are up to now!

1.  Graveyards Project – Past-Present-Future
With funding from the City of Onkaparinga and partnering with Healthy Cities Onkaparinga who Auspices our organisation now.  We are undertaking a dying to know strategy that will assist community to talk more openly about death and dying.  We all tend to be a little coy about our own mortality and this project will help to respond creatively to a subject that is so often cloaked in euphemisms.

For more info

2.  My diary – FREE
We are still producing the MY Diary FREE to those undertaking active treatment. A printed hand held booklet to keep all your dates, results and questions documented.  Handy to take to your many doctors and treatment appointments, so if you or a loved one is in need please make contact.

We only ask for postage or pick-up is available at an agreed time.

Unfortunately FCN has slowed down in it’s workings over the last few years mainly due to members moving on, passing or feeling they have had the support and their needs met while in active treatment and feel confident to move forward without us into survivorship.  The Southern Cancer Club has closed due to the facilitators needing to take some self time and with no-one else willing to take this challenging role the Club has closed for now.  Thanks to Von & Martin (deceased) for all you wonderful hard work.

We sincerely thanks those few who although their “time” has passed has continued to be part of FCN’s working.

Merry Christmas to all

Regards Artie Chairperson



Chairperson Chatter August 2012

Welcome to the Fleurieu Cancer Network’s 2012 e Newsletter.

Hoping all are enjoying the rain and freshness of the gardens.  I see almond blossom blooming around so I know that spring is just around the corner.

FCN has been busy supporting the new Southern Cancer Club and I’m pleased to report that membership is growing steadily and a few people willing to take some leadership.

Everyone is willing to share their journey, come and support each other and have some fun and laughs.  Everyone is dedicated to building the club into something special.  All are welcome.

On 19th July we held the Building Together Forum, it was attended by 41 people over 3 hours at the Christie Downs Community House.  Martin was Master of Ceremonies and invited Amanda Rishworth, Co Patron and Federal Member for Kingston to provide some opening word on how FCN provides a strong consumer voice.

The Deborah Heithersey, CEO Flinders Medical Centre Foundation presented on the workings of the new Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer opened earlier this year.

The Fleurieu Cancer Network elected it’s management committee where again I was elected Chairperson.  The election saw 4 new people and we welcome them on board.  We welcome, Cheryl, Dean, Martin & Ian officially to the management committee and continue to work with Jules, Von & Sharon.

During lunch everyone had a chance to network & view displays that were around the room.

  • Cancer Council SA
  • Campquality
  • Cancer Centre – Unley
  • Myeloma Foundation of Australia
  • Cancer Voices SA
  • CanCOPE research project from Flinders University.

The highlight of the Forum was the launch of the My Cancer journey from despair to inspiration by Minister John Hill.  The DVD will be placed on the website for public viewing as soon as possible. We would like to thank all those who bravely agreed to tell their personal story along with their insights of cancer.

Mayor Lorraine Rosenberg Patron, then closed the Forum with the important words on how we provide advocacy work at the top level across organizations, groups and other agencies while providing important practical support and friendship to those on the ground through the Southern Cancer Club at a local level.  Thank you to all that helped make the day a success.

In closing I would like to acknowledge the ongoing support of

  • City of Onkaparinga
  • Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer
  • Cancer Council SA
  • South Adelaide Panther Club

If anyone would like a copy of our 2012 Report emailed to you, please contact Jules on  Please feel free to send this e Newsletter on through your networks.

Regards Artie Chairperson


Chairperson Chatter May 2012

Welcome to the Fleurieu Cancer Network’s 2012 Winter Edition of the e Newsletter.

The most exciting thing happening at the moment is the start of the new Southern Cancer Club that meets 3rd Thursday of the month at Christie Downs Community House, crn Flaxmill & Morton Roads—all welcome.  The group meets with about 12 regular people with various cancers and stages in their journey.  We also have some folks who are past carers and come to help out, othersjust come for support and the friendship while others come to pay back. They share their story, provide support and friendship, have some fun and laughs and are building the club together.  Although it is in it’s infancy everyone is dedicated to developing it into a great place to be.

Amanda Rishworth has agreed to be our co-patron with Mayor Lorraine from the City of Onkaparinga and we welcome Amanda’s continued support and assistance in the Network and thank Mayor Lorraine for her dedication to the Network from the beginning.

Production of the DVD is well on it’s way for the Conversation with Cancer project and Vicki from Media Flea productions is busy filming folks while Jules is busy writing people’s story into a booklet.  We are still on course to launch on 19th July and all are welcome to attend ( just let us know for catering purposes) and still NEEDING people to participate.

FCN participated in the Building Together Christie Downs Family Day and was supported by Dr Rebecca Keough from the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer and the Southern Cancer Club members.  Thank you to Rebecca, Lesley & Hazel, Von, Michelle & Jules for helping on the day.   We provided lots of information about cancer provided by the Cancer Council and had material available about the NEW Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer that was officially opening that week.  The weather was kind to us and about 250 people walked around the displays on information, services, groups and organisations.  A great day was had by all.

At the end of April the newly commissioned $28 million Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer, incorporating the LIVESTRONG Cancer Research Centre and the ACRF Cancer Prevention Unit was opened.  It will feature a state of the art open plan laboratories; a multi-disciplinary cancer clinic; and a completely re-styled and expanded chemotherapy infusion suite; a patient resource space and in the future a wellness centre for complimentary services.   FCN representatives were invited to an exclusive tour of the Centre and met with staff and viewed the various areas.  The south is truly lucky to have such a wonderful facility.  Congratulations to CEO Deborah, Chairman Alan and Professor Graeme Young & Dr Rhys Williams for working with vision, tenacity, optimism, and passion to make the dream into a reality.

 Lastly place in your diary:

AGM 19th July incorporating the “My Journey” launch

Christie Downs Community House Morton Road

Sincerely Artie

 Chairperson Chatter January 2012

Welcome to the Fleurieu Cancer Network’s 2012 Summer Edition of the e Newsletter

In this edition I would like to thank many people as they have worked hard during the last year to keep FCN moving forward. It has been a slow progression with a reduced committee but MANY a willing spirits.

Firstly thank you to the management committee for a great year. Your dedication, involvement and commitment has been outstanding and moves this Network forever forward.

We were pleased to help Tina Gibson from the Cancer Council of South Australia with volunteers from the south to be trained as peer leaders. It is hoped that this will help with resources to bring more programs to the south for the southern community. We look forward to hearing how thing progress, how participants found the training and of course in the hope that more regular programs will come down south.  Any cancer survivor wanting to become involved call 8186 0048 for details as training starts soon.

Thanks for their support for last year and for your continued support this year goes to

  • Gary Coulter, Panther Club at the South Adelaide Football Club
  • Amanda Rishworth. MP Kingston
  • Alison Angus, Christie Downs Community House
  • Bryan Hearn, McLaren Districts Prostate Cancer Support Group
  • John Shields, Onkaparinga Prostate Support Group
  • Reference group for the Cancer Conversation project, John Gray, Janelle Levesque, Monica Byrnes, Amanda Robertson, Helen Gray
  • Brenda Wilson, Cancer Council SA
  • Vanessa Swinney, Gwyn Jolly, Healthy Cities Onkaparinga
  • Heather Anderson, Look Good Feel Better

Over the past year we have

  1. FCN constitution is in it’s final draft. Thanks Bryan & Sharon for their keen eye and knowledge.  We hope to have the constitution in place shortly.
  2. The Cancer Conversation project has been progressing slowly but surely. In December a get together lunch was held attended by 20 people. We have gained some people interested in joining the committee as well as being part of the DVD.
  3. Generic Cancer Friendship Group at Christie Downs Community House. Open to anyone traveling the cancer journey. 1st meeting 16th February 1-3pm
  4. 2011 Community Carols at the Panther Club was a great success, we thank them and our volunteers who helped on the night to raise Cancer awareness.
  5. Re-developed of the “My Diary” using the evaluation recommendations. Thanks to Amanda Rishworth’s office. We now have copies available for folks undertaking active treatment.
  6. A Facebook presence at Where regular updates are posted and folks are able to post details, receive information or make comments.

In closing I would like to wish Heather well as she moves onto future adventures. We commend her commitment and dedication to people with cancer and we have welcomed her enthusiasm and humour brought to the committee table every month. We hope you will continued your involvement with us in someway in the future.

Sincerely Artie Ferguson

Chairperson’s Chatter – February 2011

Welcome to the Fleurieu Cancer Network’s Autumn Edition of the e Newsletter and in this edition

I would like to welcome everyone to a new year and a fresh start.
I hope you have enjoyed this wonderful rain and have not had loved ones caught in any of the floods or cyclones around Australia.

Firstly thank you again to the management committee for returning with enthusiasms and great ideas for 2011. Your dedication, involvement and commitment has always been outstanding and moves this Network forever forward.  This year will be one of “coming of age” for the Fleurieu Cancer Network with working towards becoming Incorporated and obtaining basic Public Liability Insurance.

We thank Healthy Cities Onkaparinga for their auspicing and partnering role.

A second printing of the “My diary” is planned this year which will include the recommendations from the evaluation of the 1st publication. Thanks to all, again for their feedback in making the “My diary” even better for consumers. If you’d like to help develop this project, please drop us a line and we’ll be in touch.

It is with regret that we say “good bye” to Jan & Kit who have resigned from the Crafts for Cancer project. We wish them well on their future endeavours and thank them for their time given to the project. A grand number of over 20 hats donated to Heather at the Look Good Feel Better program. Men’s head wear is urgently needed. Your help is required.

In closing, please send in any upcoming events, stories or ideas to be included in this newsletter. We welcome your involvement.

Sincerely Artie Ferguson


 Chairperson Chatter December 2010

Welcome to the Fleurieu Cancer Network’s Summer Edition of the e Newsletter

In this edition I would like to thank many people as they have worked hard during the year to keep FCN moving forward.  It has been a slow progression with a reduced committee but MANY a willing spirits.

Firstly thank you to the management committee for a great year. Your dedication, involvement and commitment has been outstanding and moves this Network forever forward.  I would also like to thank the City of Onkaparinga for supporting FCN again this year with a grant of $3,200 for the Cancer Conversation project due to commence next year.

We have finally obtained after much running about, our license for obtaining funds for a charitable purpose through the Liquid and Gambling Office. Something I would encourage all groups receiving money to do. Please email us and we will be happy to direct you.

Later next year we will seek to become and Incorporated body with our own public liability insurance.  We thank Healthy Cities Onkaparinga for their auspicing & supporting role over the last few years and The Original Open Market Inc. for their continued financial support.

The last few months has been one of developing our new Crafts for Cancer (C4C) initiative and I thank Jan and her team for a wonderful job pulling this initiative together.

Thanks also to Christie Downs Community House for providing a weekly meeting room and home, Hackham West Community Centre for providing a venue to on-sell craft items to help sustain this initiative.  I would also like the thank all the kind support and donations of crafts, materials & help given to Crafts for Cancer from many local craft groups and individuals. We look forward to a fantastic, rewarding and creative 2011 as the team supports the Look Good Feel Better program with supplying headwear for their workshops. Thank you.

Lastly I would like to thank the South Adelaide Football Club’s Panther Club for including us in their Community Christmas Carols event on the 19th December with gates opening at 4pm. Part gate proceeds will be given to Fleurieu Cancer Network to assist the 2011 work plan and to assist the second printing of the “My Diary”. Some original copies are still available. If anyone needs one!

In closing, Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all from us all at the Fleurieu Cancer Network and I look forward to a rewarding and exciting 2011

Sincerely Artie Ferguson

Chairperson’s Chatter – September 2010

Welcome to the Fleurieu Cancer Network’s Spring Edition of the e Newsletter.

It is with great sadness that I must report the loss of our esteemed committee member Joan James.  May we pass our deepest sympathy on to her family and friends.

The last few months have been very productive and rewarding. We have received a grant from the City of Onkaparinga for a Conversation with Cancer project and invite anyone who might like to become involved to contact us. We will be holding a workshop towards the end of this year to work out where to from here.
Presently FCN is developing a Craft for Cancer initiative. The Look Good…Feel Better project is interested in working with us on this project. We look forward to anyone who loves craft to contact us for more information.
We have been working with the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer based at the Flinders Medical Centre to help promote their Public lecture on the emotional cost of cancer: dealing with anxiety and depression by Associate Professor Jane Turner, Discipline of Psychiatry. University of Queensland and a wonderful 2010 Survivorship Conference that brought together cancer professionals and cancer survivors to discuss strategies in survivorship & supportive care.

We hope these two events were a great success and look forward to hearing about their outcomes.
The Look Good…Feel Better project also held a movie Night out on the 14th September showing “The Kids are Alright” as part of the Australia wide, Dream Week. Money raised on the night went toward Look Good…Feel Better workshops.

I’m pleased to inform members that the South Adelaide Panther Club is holding the first Carols by Candlelight at Hickinbotham Oval on 19th December and will be donating part proceeds to FCN.
I would like to thank them for their wonderful support and encourage your attendance.   Please pencil this event into your diary.

Lastly I welcome new members
• Judith Aldam: Manager of Oncology/haematology ward. St Andrews Hospital
• Jeff Bull: Upper GI Cancer Clinical Practise Consultant at Flinders Medical Centre
• Cathy Bennett: RDNS
• Brian King: Consumer. C1 Performance Coaching

Again I invite all to become involved with FCN and look forward to your contact
Sincerely Artie Ferguson


Chairperson’s Chatter – June 2010

A new year is well underway now and with the election of the new committee I would like to welcome Lyne Mayne and Deputy Mayor Sharon Nash, Shane Howard, Joan James and Dennis Goodman to our 2010 committee but sadly we say good bye to Bryan Hearn, Frank Ronan and Yvonne Trusson.

These members have moved on but will still be involved with FCN in some way. Thanks guys we look forward to your continuing support.
Von Trusson has provided her story for our current newsletter. It tells of her dedication and commitment to the cancer agenda and we thank her for her contribution .

The Cancer in the Community Forum was held on Wednesday 3rd of March 2010 and was attended by about 40 participants from agencies, support groups and community members. The day was held at the Christies Beach Lifesavers Club and was a great success with the sharing of information and networking.
The Minister for Health and the Southern Suburbs: Mr John Hill opened the Forum while Mayor Lorraine Rosenberg: City of Onkaparinga welcomed all in attendance.
• Presenters were: Professor Neil Piller. Medical Program Director, Lymphoedema Assessment Clinic.  Department of Surgery School of Medicine Flinders University
• Mr Paul Redman. Support Group Services Manager Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

The findings of the “My diary” Project was presented and a consumer who used the diary spoke on the usefulness of the diary. We thank him for his involvement on the day.
The Building the Bridges Expo was held in conjunction with our Forum and was supported by about 10 exhibitors from local support groups:
• Onkaparinga Prostate cancer Support Group,
• McLaren Vale Prostate & Men’s Health Support Group,
• Onkaparinga’s Cancer Survivor Group,
• The Regional Health Service: Southern Primary Health-Noarlunga,
• Cancer Council of SA
• Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia,
• Myeloma Foundation of Australia Inc, Myeloma Foundation of Australia Presentation
• United Care Wesley-Adelaide.

In closing FCN will again aspire to be a cancer reference point, facilitate communication, raise cancer awareness, foster better community participation, advocate for better cancer services and programs, promote cancer information and assist cancer education.

Chairperson’s Chatter – 2010

Again I would encourage your involvement and invite anyone to share their stories, or tell us about their upcoming events or promotion of their support groups or projects.  Please contact the Editorial team.   Byran Hearn from the McLaren Districts Prostate Cancer Support Group will be sharing his story.   Thank you Bryan!   We are also willing to have you on board as part of the FCN team.

During March we will be setting the 2010 direction for the FCN.   If you have any ideas or thoughts on what you’d like to see happen then come along to our Cancer in the community ~Building the Bridges~ on 3rd March.

As mentioned in our last Newsletter plans are well underway.  We would encourage your attendance and participation. We will be presenting the findings, outcomes & recommendations from our “My diary” project undertaken last year.

Professor Neil Piller from Flinders University will be talking about Lymphoedema and Mr Paul Redman, Support Group Services Manager from the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia will be telling us about his work with support groups around Australia.

To finish off the day there will be an excellent Expo with displays from various services, support groups and programs available in the community.

A financial counsellor will be available for questions.

This year is starting out to be an excellent and interesting one.

FCN was privileged to be supported by a local Tour Down Under event: Cycle, Wine and Dine hosted by the McLaren Vale Visitor’s Information Centre.

We thank them for their support and continued interest.

Sincerely Artie Ferguson

Chairperson’s Chatter

I would like to thank the Editorial team for a job well done and have had some positive feedback about the first edition.  Congratulations!

Again I would encourage your involvement and invited anyone to share their stories, or tell us about their upcoming events or promotion of support groups and projects.  Please contact the Editorial team.

This week I had the privileged to work with a service provider to direct services to a person having some transport difficulties. I was able to network through our contact to assist make the connection. It is hoped that this has now made the journey a little easier for this person and her family. Thank you to all those who helped with this contact.

This little story shows the importance in developing strong networks that work collaboratively for the benefit of people, families, carers, and as well as the service providers.

FCN is about networking, advocating and sharing of information between members and the wider community.

The 2010 Cancer Awareness Conference planning (CANCER IN THE COMMUNITY. Building the bridges), is well underway. Pencil in 3rd March 2010 with venue to be confirmed.

The management committee has decided to include an Expo, so anyone wanting to display and share their group, project, initiative or wish to receive more information, please contact the Event Team to show expressions of interest.

Congratulations to the NEW Southern Ovarian Support Group that had its first meeting in September.  Congratulations to Helen Gray (FMC: Gynaecology Oncology Nurse Coordinator) and her team for a successful start. We wish you well and look forward to more wonderful networking opportunities.

Meeting will be held every 3 months in various locations around the southern suburbs.

Sincerely Artie Ferguson

Chairperson’s Chatter

I’m Cr Artie Ferguson and Chairman of the FCN and I have been given the privilege to work with a group of dedicated and committed people who have been touch by cancer in some way.

Welcome to our first E Newsletter.

It is hoped that the Newsletter will be distributed every 2 months or so and I thank Frank, Bec & Shane for their enthusiasm in developing this newsletter and hope it will inform, advocate and encourage your participation.  I would like your input and involvement and ask for any information you would like to share with us and the community.

We have included a cancer conversation area where people can tell their story and welcome your involvement Shane from our Editorial team has shared his story this month.

FCN has been busy with our major project this year- the My Diary project. We have now progressed to the evaluation stage and welcome Jessica’s involvement in developing the evaluation of the My diary.

Thank you to all those who have helped with the project to date and we look forward to the evaluation findings and recommendations so that we can move to stage two – State wide distribution.

Special thanks to Mayor Lorraine Rosenberg as our Patron and Michael Keelan and Michael Angelakis as Vice patrons.

We are already planning for 2010. Early next year we will host a Cancer Awareness Conference with our AGM and welcome your interest, input and thoughts. Please feel free to contact our Secretary Frank with your ideas because we need your help.

In closing we are always looking for people who may feel they have something to contribute to the fight against cancer. Your involvement no matter how small is always welcomed.

Sincerely Artie Ferguson