2012 Management Committee with supporters

 2012 City of Onkaparinga Community Achievement Awards

ONKA Awards 2012On Wednesday 3rd October 2012 the Fleurieu Cancer Network was recognised for their contribution the community at an awards ceremony held by the City of Onkaparinga.

Thanks goes to Von Trusson and Martin Timmins for writing the nomination that eventually was recognised by a selection panel.

FCN was presented with a certificate of appreciation by the Mayor of the City of Onkaparinga, Lorraine Roseburg at the Edge Church, Old Reynella

It was accepted by Dene Mann & Martin Timmins and supported by Von Trusson











Cancer Conversation Project : Improving the Cancer Journey 

Meeting John HillFrom 2010 the Cancer Conversation Project has been undertaken to record the stories of people travelling the cancer journey.  On 19th July 2012 the DVD was launch by Minister John Hill titled “My Cancer journey – from despair to inspiration”

It has been a journey of itself as the project was first developed to record people’s experience to improve cancer services.  It was later moulded to reflect the final product along with a written booklet that will be launch in 2013.

Positive outcomes have come from this project

  • Crafts for Cancer
  • Southern Cancer Club The Fleurieu Cancer Network is a proactive group working together to gain support and services for cancer patients and their supporters living in the South of Adelaide and I am very proud to be Patron of this group.





My diary project

Participants DVD Thank you reception 2012We thank the City of Onkaparinga for the community grant which made this project possible.  We especially thank the brave participants who told their story and Media flea productions who gave us the final product.

Due to changed status the DVD can NOW be borrowed contact



  • Improve the quality of life and experiences for people with cancer, their family, friends and carers.
  • Improve integration of activities and services.
  • Improve communication with and for people affected by cancer.•
  • Improve awareness of the issues for people with cancer.
  • Improved participation and communication within the Southern region and beyond.
  • Improve linkages and partnerships with service providers and businesses associated with cancer..


Evaluation recommendations:

The provision of this diary is another example of the dedication and hard work of the Fleurieu Cancer Network.

  1. That partnerships be maintained between the Fleurieu Cancer Network, the Cancer Council of South Australia and GP Network South to encourage ongoing commitment to cancer support and advocacy in the Southern area of Adelaide.
  2. That health care professionals in the local Southern area of Adelaide are kept informed of the diary and are encouraged to use it upon patient request.
  3. That an evaluation be conducted in the future to monitor the development of the FCN “My Diary”and that this evaluation would incorporate feedback from stakeholders involved in the cancer patients’ treatment and care, such as health care professionals, family members and carers.


 A Conversation with Cancer Project – Improving the Cancer Journey

Sth C Club collage making Oct 2012 025When cancer patients tell their stories, will decision makers listen?

This project has been developed by the Fleurieu Cancer Network to encourage people travelling the Cancer journey to link together and have a voice, feel more in control of their situation and feel less isolated by sharing their stories. There is nothing like the power of people’s stories to generate attention and action. 

AIM:  To document real issues by people travelling the cancer journey through narrative or anecdote methods to provide information to policymakers so evidence based policy and service delivery can be established.






Little Ray of Sunshine Market Sept 2012This initiative came from The Improving the Cancer Journey: A Conversation with Cancer Project.

The Craft for Cancer project is a way that local crafters can help those folks travelling the cancer journey and their families and carers to help make life a little easier.

Craft groups can donate any craft item such as beanies, scarfs, turbans, lap rugs, teddy bears, cards, materials, patterns, ideas, anything really.  There will always be a need and a way to use it.

The Look Good…Feel Better project have shown interest in receiving items and up to date a variety of head wear has been donated to the program.

Any donations of 8 ply yarn always gratefully accepted.


fingerless mittens