Southern Cancer Club ceased to function on 7/10/14

Provence tea

A message from: Robert Godden, Director, The Devotea

Fleurs de Provence teaWe have heard first hand of cancer sufferers who take tea
to help overcome the nasty metallic taste that can accompany chemotherapy.

Based on various online discussions, various people find various teas suitable for this, it’s an individual thing. Often people will change teas after chemo.
Of course, it’s hard sometime to get children to drink hot beverages.  Specifically, we were told of a child who found that drinking our Fleurs de Provence tea with milk and sugar to be effective. This tea has black tea, vanilla pods, blue cornflowers and lavender. It has a lovely perfume and is also a lovely tea to look at. We suspect some of our other floral teas, such as Rose Blush, would have a similar effect, but we’ve not been told so yet.

We don’t make any medical claims but if this tea helps, we are delighted.

Anyone who orders any tea and uses the coupon code FCN will get a 15% discount. Alternatively, preorder via email and we can have it ready to be picked up at monthly markets in Mitcham or Seaford.

Here’s hoping we can help someone to feel better.

Keep up the good work!

*Robert Godden*
* Director** The Devotea*


Over the last year FCN has received many phone calls from people with cancer asking where they could go for support and friendship.  Unfortunately if your cancer is not breast or prostate the options are very limited in the south. So in response to these calls, FCN has decided to establish a generic friendship group open to anyone travelling the cancer journey either sufferer, family member, friend or carer.  It will be a friendship group offering social support, information & education although it will not provide medical advice either clinical, alternative, or new age .    Southern Cancer Club formerly known as the Cancer Friendship Support group 

 18th October

11 people attended with 3 apologies:  Dene Jenny and Cheryl.  We were joined by Dianne who came to see what we got up to.  Welcome Dianne and we hope you enjoyed your time with us and hope you’ll join us again.

The Southern Cancer Club members participated in an Art in Health Project today facilited by Steph

Members set about creating a picture collage that represented their life journey – past, present & future.   They found pictures from magazines that spoke to them about their life and pasted them onto paper.  Creating wonderful collages that told of personal journeys.  Many interesting stories came from this exercise from past happy childhood times to wishes and hopes for the future.

Everyone reported how they just found pictures that meant something to them and were surprised to find how those pictures linked together.  Although some were hesitnat to begin all found it interesting and rewarding.

The afternoon commenced with a report back on the Fiddler on the Roof outing.  Everyone who attended said that it was well worth the money and have seen professionals not do any better.    The final numbers are needed for the Christmas BBQ and helpers were sort to assist on a promotion and cancer awareness raising day at the Sully’s family fun expo.

Finishing with arranging for the 15th November meeting and all were asked to bring a friend/s to join us in a wonderful social afternoon.


 20th September

 12 people attended. 

Apologies from Hazel, Cheryl, Maisie & George, Jenny.

The day started with the “Whose who” baby competition. Everyone had great fun trying to work out whose baby photo was who. We had 3 knowledgeable members. With a 3 way tie with Sue, Martin & Dene. A draw undertaken to decide the ultimate winner who was Dene. Congratulations Dene. All agreed that this was a great exercise and something different.
We then went around the group talking about our memories associated with our photo. We heard some interesting stories of school days, sibling rivalry, holidays in the country and the various family cars.
Next month all agreed to do a collage. Please bring a few magazine, scissors and glue if you have. We will then take some time to think quietly and then cut out pictures that represent something or our feelings etc. Glue them onto brown paper and decorate etc. Each who feel comfortable can share with the group. 
Von will bring brown paper. Jules will bring pencils, crayons, scrape book items.
The Christmas BBQ was discussed.
Please bring small salad, small sweet, own drinks and a chair. Juli suggested those who want to bring their own plate, knife & fork, cup please feel free as she will. A donation tin will be available for any help with costs on the day! Final numbers in October please.
Dene will bring a mud map to help us all find our way! All agreed to invite Mayor Lorraine, Amanda Rishworth and Deb Heithersey.  All to RSVP by October please for final numbers. 

November meeting will be a “free” afternoon where people can relax and chat and further details will be discussed next month. It was suggested that the December’s meeting could be held in a nice shady park with a picnic lunch as the community centre will be closed then.  Details to be arranged later. 

Opus Performing Art’s production of The Fiddler on the Roof
Dene (2) tickets along with Von, Jules & Artie. All paid and Jules will arrange with Vicki to purchase tickets ASAP. Jules & Artie will got to the Noarlunga Tavern if anyone wants to join them.
Meals are approximately from $13 – $25 for example Roast of day $13 Schnitzels $15 Salt & pepper squid/prawns $18 and Steak $20-$22 etc. 

Cuppa monitor:

Joyce North volunteered to take over this roll supported by Dene. Thanks Joyce, Just yell if you need help the times you’ll be away etc. Proposed that a roster be developed for next year!

Closed at 3pm


 Sharing Baby Photo stories  


16th August 

 14 people attended. 

We welcomed Sheila and Jenny Watts.  Apologies from Hazel & Andy  

The day started with a guest speaker: Sally Francis from Art in Health at Flinders Medical Centre.  She presented the work of her program telling us about the “magic” of art in health.  One impressive story was when a young disabled girl was passing on her way to x-ray was encouraged to paint with an artist working in the hospital on a project..   From this experience it was reported that she found a renewal of spirit and was released from hospital.  We thanked Sally for coming on her day off from Mt Barker to with us and we presented her with a craft 4 cancer item and a card signed by all present. 

Members then worked on the theme of Art in health and Stephanie presented her thoughts on working on a collage.  It was agreed to have this activity in October.  Everyone may pick something from magazines that represents something to them.  Then paste them onto paper.  All were asked to bring any magazines and scissors they have along.  Von offered some good brown paper to be used.  

It was agreed that next meeting September 20th all will bring their baby photo and talk about it for a few minutes to the group.  If you don’t have one then something that represents your childhood.  It was also suggested that we have a “whose who” baby competition.  Jules to organise.  

Christmas BBQ was decided for November from 11.30 at Cyril & Joyce ‘s home at Clarendon.  Please bring a chair and esky with own drinks.  FCN will purchase meat and donations gratefully received to offset costs would be appreciated.  More details later.  Dene will draft up a map.  10 people showed interest plus all agreed to  invite to Mayor Lorraine, Amanda Rishworth and Deb Heithersey.  All to RSVP by October 18th meeting please for final numbers.  

November meeting will be a “free” afternoon where people can relax and chat.  It was decided to work out December’s meeting later as the community centre will be closed then.  It was suggested that we may be able to have a happy hour  in a park.  Details to be arranged later.  

Jenny Watts told us about her Cancer Council fundraiser, as a Cancer Council Ambassador.  She has kindly given us a place at her Little Ray of Sunshine Market of 23rd September 11-3 pm  Details at next meeting.  She also has a face book page. 

All were invited to attend the Opus Performing Art’s production of The Fiddler on the Roof on 6th October at 2pm.  Cost will be $20 each less than concession price.  Jules will try to get afternoon tea included in price.  Attending Von, Dene, Jules & Artie.  Please RSVP at next meeting for final numbers.  

The day was finished with a cuppa and cake provided again by Von.  Thanks Von.  She asked if someone would please take over as cuppa monitor which will entail bring the cuppa items, purchase the milk and top up cuppa stock as required.  Please consider this role.   Closed at 3pm



This meeting was held in conjuncation with the “Building together Forum”


21st June

Meeting of the Southern Cancer Club
15 people attended. We welcomed Wendy, Tom, Dene, Maisie & Gorge, Pedr while missing Andy & Kay.

Lesley showed us the beautiful rug made by Joyce for a raffle-thanks Joyce…it’s beautiful.   People are asked to bring items for a raffle basket for the 19th July. Andy & Lesley will organise. All agreed.

Lesley bought cuppa items and people are now paying a gold coin for their cuppa. Von brought a delicious fruit cake while Hazel brought some yummy fruit buns.

We commenced with agreeing to group norms that all will abide with while in group. We commenced with an introduction round followed by a relaxation session led by Stephanie. Followed by some Club business and lastly socializing over afternoon tea.

It was discussed that we all tell as many people about the Club and encourage folks to come along to help build the Club.

George said that he would provide name tags for the next meeting so we can know each other’s names – thanks George.

Cyril reminded us that we must organise the BBQ at his home for around Christmas time. It was agreed to wait until after 19th July and we will put on the Agenda for August meeting

Building Together Forum
All were invited to the FCN’s Forum and AGM on the 19th and asked to bring friends and promote through their networks.

All were thanked for coming and sharing.
Meeting closed at 3.00pm

Next meeting will be the Building Together Forum on Thursday 19th July 2012 11.30am – 3.30pm for set up and close down.


17th May

Meeting of the Southern Cancer Club

 11 people attended with 2 apologies. We welcomed Kay & Andy to the group. Don & Barb did not attend as Barb is not well. A card was signed by all to send our love & regards to them. 


Lesley F agreed to be petty cash officer and was give $50 float to use to start supporting the group.  Fundraising was discussed and it was agreed that folks will now pay a gold coin for their cuppas.  Raffles were discussed and it was suggested to have mini raffles occasionally at group meetings   All were asked to bring items if they had something.  All agreed.  Lesley to oversee. 

Joyce kindly offered to donate a lovely hand-made rug for a raffle prize (thank you) and it was agreed to put it into a raffle basket.  The raffle being during the  FCN’s AGM on 19th July.  Andy and Les will organize. 

It was suggested to write a letter to request some sponsorship from the Original Open Market.  Juli with the help of Lesley will write a letter.  After a group discussion it was decided the group would like funds for outings, lunches, twice yearly BBQ’s and for admin costs. 

Some suggested ideas:

  • A trip to the Cancer Council SA to look at their facilities followed by lunch
  • Raffle items to raise more funds
  • Lunches
  • BBQ picnic twice a year
  • Admin costs for posting, printing, flyers, phone calls, cards, badges etc


Cyril & Joyce offered their home for the first BBQ possibly a Christmas get together.  Details will be arranged as time approaches.  Thank you. 


Cyril & Kay kindly agreed to have their stories recorded along with Dean, Martin’s friend.  We might invite his musical involvement.  Juli & Vicki to follow up.


Movie day:  all who attended had a great day with a variety of movie choices.  Unfortunately some were unable to attend and felt guilty. 

Christie Downs Family day: Many club flyers were handed out to community on the day and was attended by about 200 people.  Thanks to Von, Lesley, Michelle, Hazel & Kay for their help and support on the day. 

Time was given for sharing everyone’s journey story and experience.  Everyone enjoyed a cuppa and cake. 

Feedback was that it was a great afternoon.   Next month Stephanie will lead a 30 min relax  session session at the start. 

 The next meeting will be the 21st June  1-3pm Christie Downs Community House. 


19th April

Due to other commitments like medical appointments, holidays and illness we had a massive 10 apologies  with 5 attending.  It was lovely to meet Julie this month and we wish her well as she heads off interstate.

Most of the business was done as apologies arrived.  Final DVD appointments were arranged, while final arrangements for the Christies Family Day were organised.  I thank all those supporting these initiatives.  The flyers have been developed for the day along with name tags.  ALL WELCOME TO COME!

Those that arrived were given their movie tickets for May and I will send out tickets to those not present.  We have a few spare if you would like to contact me.  First in best dressed!

The afternoon was spent talking over coffee and getting to know Julie.

Thank you von for your delicious contribution for afternoon tea, AGAIN.  Thanks to Rex who arrived to take a group photo but due to low numbers was deferred until next time.  Rex stayed and enjoyed afternoon tea with those present.    Finished at 3.30pm

 The next meeting will be 17th May 1-3pm Christie Downs Community House.   ALL WELCOME – just drop in.

At the May meeting we will

1.  Meditaion & relaxation session

2.  Possible speaker from the newly opened flinder’s centre for innovation in cancer near the Flinders Medical Centre.

3.  Time for sharing and afternoon tea -Please bring a plate to share. 

Hoping to see you all relieved, refreshed and rejuvenated in May

Juli & Steph

15th March

11 people attended with 5 apologies. 

The group had a sharing time where they spoke about their cancer journey.  Everyone shared their feelings, frustrations, fears and hopes.  Planned for the next meeting on the 19th April where a relaxation session will start the meeting. 

The Southern Cancer Club will be at the Christie Downs Family Fun Day Morton Rd on 28th April between 11am and 3pm.  Pop in to say “hi” 

It was agreed to get a speaker from the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer to come and tell us about what is happening in Cancer in the south. 

The Cancer Club has obtained some written resources from the Cancer Council SA and starting to develop and resource library providing resources to loan. 

Some interesting publications are: 

  • Understanding radiotherapy
  • Understanding and controlling cancer pain
  • Understanding cancer of unknown primary
  • About surgery
  • About chemotherapy
  • Hiar loss
  • Caring for someone with cancer
  • Meeting the challenge of advanced cancer

These are just sample of the publication available to borrow or if you’d like your own copy contact the Cancer Council SA on 131120  

Next meeting Thursday 19th April 2012  All welcome.  

16th February

14 people attended the first meeting of the now Southern Cancer Club formerly known as the Cancer Friendship Support Group.     Everyone  agreed that the Club needs to provide friendship, support, fun and encouragement to people with cancer, their family, friends & carers.  It needed to be informal yet inclusive with everyone sharing the responsibility, everyone being respectful and everyone maintaining confidentiality.  Although no roles were decided it was agreed that people would help where possible.   

A movie morning is planned along with the hope to have more outings.  It is hoped also to support people in hospital or undergoing appointments or treatment.   The next step will be to develop a member’s agreement.   

The Southern Cancer Club is a new Cancer friendship support group that started Feb 2012.  It is for all people with cancer, their family, friends or carers or anyone with an interest in cancer.  Check out the section above for the latest information about the club.  Drop in anytime.


FCN has been busy supporting the new Southern Cancer Club and I’m pleased to report that membership is growing steadily and a few people willing to take some leadership.  


 Everyone is willing to share their journey, come and support each other and have some fun and laughs.   Everyone is dedicated to building the club into something special. 


Over the last year FCN has received many phone calls from people with cancer asking where they
could go for support and friendship.  Unfortunately if your cancer is not breast or prostate the options are very limited in the south.


So in response to these calls, FCN has decide to establish a generic friendship group open to anyone travelling the cancer journey either sufferer, family member, friend and survivor.


It will be a friendship group offering social support, information & education although it will not provide medical advice either clinical, alternative, new age or complimentary.