Amanda Rishworth & Cr Artie

Amanda Rishworth & Cr Artie

The Fleurieu Cancer Network was launched on 26/2/08.  It is a Network of people with cancer, their family, friends, carers, business, government & non government agencies.  It is managed by a volunteer committee who have all been touched by cancer.       

It aims to provides a 

  1. Cancer reference point 
  2. Facilitates communication
  3. Raises Cancer awareness
  4. Fosters better community participation
  5. Advocates for better Cancer services and programs
  6. Promotes Cancer information
  7. Assists Cancer education    


Our mission is to “advocate for better services, to increase communication, and to improve information & education”

Our objective is to “establish a permanent wellness drop-in building for Onkaparinga” 


This has always been our objective but we have been busy to date getting ourselves creditably known to the community and decision-makers while forming strong links and developing our networks.

I would like to thank all those who have helped bring us to this point but we still need more help and support to bring our objective to fruition.

Thanks to:

*     Gary Coulter, Panther Club at South Adelaide Football Club
*     Amanda Rishworth. MP Kingston
*     Alison Angus, Christie Downs Community House
*     Bryan Hearn, McLaren Districts Prostate Cancer Support Group
*     John Shields, Onkaparinga Prostate Support Group
*     Reference group for the Cancer Conversation project, John Gray, Janelle Levesque, Monica Byrnes, Amanda    Robertson, Helen Gray
*     Brenda Wilson, Cancer Council SA
*     Vanessa Swinney and Gwyn Jolly, Healthy Cities Onkaparinga
*     Heather Anderson, Look Good Feel Better

If you would like regular e newsletter please go to membership – FREE to join.


Artie Ferguson – Chair

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We recieved a Certificare of Recognition from

the City of Onkaparinga October 2012

FCN looks forward to exciting times and building over the next year.  

We were also nominated for a Community Achievement Award.  FCN was proud to have made it to the semi finals.   

“Congratulations!   On behalf of the Awards committee I would like to thank you for being involved and congratulate you on the wonderful achievements outlined in the nomination.  

 We would love you to consider nominating again next year.  Once again congratulations on your nomination and for the great work you do in your local community and every best for the future.  Lisa Bruce.  Awards Officer”